We are jailed, beaten, abused with tear gas and killed because we ask the Ethiopian government to respect its constitution.

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Dear brothers and sisters, As you all are aware of, Ethiopia-the land of the First Hijrah- has been going through some rough times in the last four decades. The last 3 years have been especially rough for the peace-loving Ethiopian … Continue reading


ቀደም ብዬ በለጠፍኩት “የ‹ተሃጁድ ሰላት› እንዲከለከል ተማፅኖ” በቀረበበት የፍትኅ ራዲዮ ዘገባ ላይ የቃለ ህይወት ቤተ ክርስቲያኑ ፓስተር ግርማ ለሪህ እና ለስኳር በሽተኛ ሙስሊሞች በመቆርቆር የሠነዘሩትን ሐሳብ አንብባችኋል [ካላነበባችሁ አንዳፍታ አንብቧት]፡፡ የፓስተሩን ሐሳብ በ‘ሳይንሳዊነቱ’ ባደንቀውም፣ “ስግደቱ ሊቆም ይገባል” የሚል የመፍትኄ ሐሳባቸው … Continue reading


(OPride) — A 21-year old Oromo student, Nuredin Hasen, who was abducted from Haromaya University late last month and held incommunicado at undisclosed location, died earlier this month from a brutal torture he endured while in police custody, family sources … Continue reading


In Atlanta, though few people knew all along Badr has been inoculated to protect and defend Weyane directly or indirectly, the Ummah gave Badr the benefit of the doubt to keep the interest of those who hoped that Badr leaders … Continue reading


As I listened to the interview on “Nejashi Radio” of Badr’s chairperson’s response to a critical question, I was in disbelief.  The adept interviewer asked if the leadership of Badr met with the illegally appointed Majlis and the response given … Continue reading



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