Ethiopia: Federal Intervention in Somali Regional State is not unconstitutional – and here is why…


The Ethiopian government deployed fed forces into the Somali region after Abdi Iley, the omnipotent tyrant who ruled the region with utmost brutality, sent special forces to Dire Dawa, a federal city, to disrupt a meeting of Somali elders. Is the intervention constitutional?

Abdi Illey sent the region’s notorious special forces into a part of the country that is not subject to his jurisdiction. In doing so, he did two things: (1) he endangered the constitutional order (a crime) (2) as a president of the region, he violated the federal constitution.

Over the last decade, Abdi Illey committed unspeakable atrocities against the civilian population and forces under his command & directly responsible to him wrecked havoc in the region, leading to the displacement of millions. He represented a grave threat to the life of citizens

Finally, if Abdi Illey (1) threatens to break the Somali region, over which he maintains an iron grip, and runs like a family business, from the federation, and (2) uses the legally dubious special forces to carry this out and protect himself, fed govt can arrest him lawfully.

From a constitutional point of view, the federal intervention in the region is long overdue and the government has been derelict in its duty to safeguard the safety of citizens there and provide accountability for victims of Abdi Illey.

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