This week is particularly a special week for Ethiopia as a country

Dr. Birhanu Linjiso

Ethiopia is home to the third largest number of diplomatic missions in the world, only after New York and Geneva. However, the history of Ethiopia`s diplomatic achievement is not that remarkable. With the wrong tag “economic diplomacy tops priority areas on Ethiopia’s diplomacy orbit” the country ignored its poor neighboring nations. Moreover, the economic diplomacy was very much informed by looting and corruption. Over the last three months we have witnessed the country making a significant breakthrough in its diplomacy. Ethiopia (one of the world’s most important diplomatic hubs, not only representing itself as a nation but also representing Africa as a continent) is now strengthening its relation with neighboring nations including Djibouti, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and most importantly Eritrea. The bold diplomacy to jettison long-standing tension between Ethiopia and Eritrea demolished the fake wall erected between the two sister nations and reunited brothers and sisters who have been longing to meet for two decades.

This week is particularly a special week for Ethiopia as a country, the new administration and the Ethiopian diaspora and for HE Dr Workneh Gebeyehu in particular. Dr Workneh is a very humble and friendly fellow. He has a very rare skill and secrete of diplomacy that Ethiopia needs at this critical juncture. A diplomat is a person who helps people who have differing viewpoints find a common ground and Workneh is gifted to do that. Anyways, he is one of the active member of the new cabinet and he achieved a lot over the last three months. But this week is a week of victory for him and that is why we see a triumphant smile on his face everywhere. I would like to congratulate Dr Workneh Gebeyehu for an amazing diplomatic breakthrough of bringing Ethiopia to where it belongs!

Congratulations Brother!

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